The freedom of living in a tiny house

The freedom of living in a tiny house

The small living trend is a trend that is spreading in overcrowded cities around the world, so also across Europe: London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona.

It started deriving from the lack of square meters and it grew into a social movement. It is about taking life as it is, living simple but worthwhile, it also stands for the philosophy of freedom: free from rent and mortgages, free from useless stuff, free from time spent between walls.  Who wouldn’t want that?!

In the following article I will try to present the benefits of living life in its simplest way regarding homes and at the fullest regarding the real meaning of life.

There are plenty of tiny house types, a few are placed on common lots with other big houses, some have their own lots, some are on wheels, to name a few. But what are the factors that have contributed to this trend?  I would begin with that freedom that derives from not having any mortgages to pay, for a tiny house does not have tremendous costs when buying or building.

It will save your money also by not having to pay high electricity bills, high heating bills, air conditioning, maintenance, and so on. The money saved this way will give you the freedom of spending for the things you like to do.

With a tiny house also comes a minimalist lifestyle. These tiny house plans should rather concentrate to create multifunctional open spaces than overcrowded compartmentalized spaces, with high ceilings, that will give the perception of greater space. When it comes to decorating such a small space, it all comes down to very little storage space, all the space there it is will be used to your comfort rather than with filling it up with useless stuff.

That brings with itself the rethinking of your life from the perspective of things you really need. We don’t really need a lot of stuff to live a balanced life! We can invest the money we save from buying stuff, in us: we can take up courses (hobby or professional), we can invest it in knowing the world better, in being better persons, in doing things we like. Living in such a space you will also need to be innovative, to use the given space to your benefit.

Giving up on things will not just save you money but also time. How? A tiny house will not take your time with cleaning and tidying up: this would be a lot faster and easier, nor will it take your time by taking care of the garden or such. You will finally have time to spend with your friends outside the house’ walls, it will take you out a lot more often.

Having such a small space will also make you rethink your habits: and make better decisions about food for example. You don’t have a lot of storage space so either you cook every day, which would be a good decision for your health, or you eat in the city, that will give you the freedom to enjoy life, not to forget the so important: no food waste.

And the most important: you will also be more ecologically aware. A small house will reduce your carbon footprint because you use less energy, by installing solar panels you will reduce your carbon footprint even more, you will have yourself a small eco house.

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