What is Blog Defender and how did I come to use it

What is Blog Defender and how did I come to use it

Seo Accounts is the best solution and includes Blog Defender. Once the subscription is made, it remains unchanged for life, but you have to be careful because the prices tend to change more as the places are occupied.

BlogDefender is the top-selling security system with over 6,000 copies sold. The new edition of 2020 represents the most updated security system that also covers the special tools or codes used against hackers.

Two premium plugins are included as a full-fledged bonus, so you can install them on as many sites as you have without paying extra.

This system was created to combat and counter any attacks from hackers on their own site / blog. It is clear that the most important aspect of blogging is traffic collection; what hackers are looking for is to capture this traffic and redirect it to the sites they want.

This is where the intervention of a blog defender is needed, whose role is to identify the attacks that hackers are activating and to protect the site.

Who was this plugin created for and who would it be useful for? Theoretically, anyone could benefit from it to protect their site, especially since it has the advantage of securing and protecting your WP blog in 99%.

For this, 3 WordPress plugins are implemented: the one for automatic backup (Automated Backups), the one for security (WP Security) and the one for scanning and repairing (WP Scan & Repair).

Why would you need a blog defender? There are several reasons why this is useful. First of all, you don’t even need to know how it works, it’s enough to know that it does. Even if you don’t know how hackers can act, it’s good to know that site protection is enabled.

Once the site is attacked, it is easy for hackers to distribute your paid products on various “blackhat” sites. Some manufacturers have suffered this even before launching their product. In addition, the damage done over a long period of time can have devastating effects on your site.

The main advantages of BlogDefender are: saving time, money and extra work, ease of use, protection against attacks, spam, the complete video tutorial it offers and the promise to get your money back in. 30 days if applicable.

Disadvantages of this tool have not yet been noticed by users.

One of the biggest problems that sites experience is the list of knowledge about security required. That’s why site owners are easily fooled by so-called optimizers who do nothing but collect information from other sites and steal or destroy it.

This security system allows you to stay away from such problems and thus secure your site without other outside help. The big advantage is that you can do it yourself and thus have the security of the total protection of the site without resorting to someone else who might not give you the protection you need.

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