Why we must maintain the car absorbers

Why we must maintain the car absorbers?

When we think of a performance car, the first thing that comes to mind is the engine that is equipped and the number of horsepower developed by it. Few of us realize that most times, excessive power of the engine is unnecessary under the condition of roads and traffic law in our country.

A very important element in assessing the performance of a car is the absorber quality, these car parts hidden to our eyes. Absorbers quality is among the last criteria that we think about when buying a car and this is a mistake that can create problems later.

The first benefit obtained in a car equipped with new absorbers, little waste or properly maintained is the increased safety. When it comes to car safety, number of airbags is the only thing that we consider, regardless of the car’s suspension system, suspension system whose essential components are absorbers.

Licensed mechanics and car manufacturers know that a flawless suspension system means a better control of the car, adding about 20% to the braking distance of the vehicle, savior percentage in accident situations .

The second benefit is the stability of the car. In case of an imperfect road (which we plenty have) and a single faulty absorber, would involve a vertical movement up and down of the wheel, additional power that will overburden the steering, causing premature wear of components.

The third benefit but perhaps the most important, is comfort of passengers, especially in the case of a turnover in the off-road, reducing the magnitude of vibratory movements resulting from bumps, providing a smooth ride.

I hope you’re convinced of the importance of these integral parts of the car, so they must be maintained, checked and replaced as necessary. Do not hesitate to change them, especially now that the internet offers super deals for you to purchase in instalments.

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