Italia Star offers his clients dumpers made by Rotair, in very advantageous conditions of acquisition

Italia Star offers his clients dumpers made by Rotair, in very advantageous conditions of acquisition

The dumpers made by the italian company, Rotair, have as quality characteristics, their fiability and high efficiency, their impressive maneuverability and their low quantity of noise and noxes.

These dumpers are ment to be used in professional and semi-professional environments, being adapted to fulfill the necessary tasks, needed to be fulfilled in a vegetable or in a livestock farm, in any mini-urban sites, or in case of natural calamities, for diminish the distructions (fire, floods and earthquakes). Their full range of machines can be viewed here: .

This type of dumpers has the ability to access with no special problems, ramps with large incline (being easily to access even ramps with 42% incline) full loaded, at the maximum capacity.

Very efficient in terms of power output over fuel consumed, these dumpers are very appreciated by the Italia Star clients, because they are very easy to handle, they are very reliable and especially with not very high maintenance and repair costs, especially because of the high quality of the interchangeable consumables and spare parts with a quality / price particularly advantageous for the client.

The Rotair mini-dumper allows discharging on 3 sides, in outstanding safety conditions, which diminishes to minimum the number of positioning maneuvers for discharge, advantage with direct implications in diminishing the fuel and time needed to carry out in the best circumstances the needed operations.

The efficiency of this type of equipment is  also determined by its maximum load capacity of up to 1 t, that makes  the equipment to transport a large amount of material every time.

For customers who purchase such mini dumpers , Italia Star also provides support services before and after acquisition, including onsite, repairing and maintenance during the  warranty period and post- warranty , and commissioning and training staff to operate the minidumpers, so as to fully support the customer who purchased such equipment.

To buy a mini dumper is advisable to check with specialists Italy Star who can recommend, besides power and capacity, which need to be adapted to the tasks need to be performed with the equipment, also the accessories that can be useful for the operation, according to the specifics of your company and the expectations that you have from such an equipment .

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