Building Blog Popularity in Four Easy Steps

Your blog is up, you’re posting to it like crazy, but no one is reading it. What can you do to turn your blog into a popular site? The fact is that it takes more than just writing to make people visit to read. The steps below will help you down the path to bringing in new readers and turning your site into a big deal.

You must optimize your website so that search engines know what it’s about and are able to rank it accordingly. That means using SEO techniques to better your key phrases, put them where they belong, optimize your code so that it can be crawled by spiders, and more. Check out SEO blogs online to find out what tips apply to today’s Google algorithm.

It changes frequently; so many outdated techniques are just a waste of time. Blogs are your best bet as they are updated frequently and you can easily see when their suggestions were posted. The more recent the posts, the more relevant the information is.

Who are you trying to bring to your site? Where do they currently hang out? Post on the forums they post on, and swap links and guest posts with blogs they would already be reading. Post on Facebook pages and groups which they might follow, and join in Twitter conversations on the topic of your blog to bring in followers from that site.

Use social media to your advantage. First, add tools to your blog which provide social media sharing links at the bottom of each post. As people share what you write, more people will be exposed to your posts. It also creates lucrative back links to your site, and this will boost your page rank.

You should also be posting to social media yourself in support of your blog. You can link to other interesting videos, articles or blogs which share the same topic as yours, as well as posting links to your own blog posts. The more interesting the social media posts you make, the more followers you will have.

Running giveaways entices people to follow your blog as well. Be sure to give away items which fit the topic of your site. You can contact companies which sell those items and ask if they’ll provide them for free in exchange for your marketing their item. They might even give you a free product if you’ll post a review about it on your site. They will also often give you a key phrase to use to link to their online store in order to boost their search engine optimization, but if they don’t, ask if there is a phrase you should use.

The best writers online know they also have to be savvy marketers. There is more to a popular blog than just the content, so your job is to learn from what the professionals are doing. This article has given you the first steps you need to take, so be sure to read more articles like this one to learn what comes next.

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