How to make your wordpress website secure?

How to make your wordpress website secure?

Security is an important matter în every aspect of our life. Even if we talk about home seurity or about internet security, we want to know that we are not în trouble. If you have a free bootstrap WordPress theme on your website, security can be tricky.

WordPress is a great platform, but since it’s an open source platform, everyone can create some plugins and some themes. Unfortunatly, not everyoane is good intended.

WordPress, aș a platform is secure enough. But since more than 20% of the websites are build on it, many hackers try their best to get into important websites.

If you update frequently and respect some security methods, your website will be pretty safe.

Rule nr 1!  Use security tools. There are some basic security tools that you can use, like wp Security and Firewall or Wordfence. With jus a click, you obtain the security you need.

Rule 2! If you use free wordpress themes, you should download them from or partners. Those themes are safe and are updated frequently.

The same rule is available if you install plugins. For more security, it’s great if you are looking just for recently updated plugins and themes.

Rule 3! Check ratings! When you download a plugin or a theme, check ratings, number of downloads and the feedback other users gave. It’s important to download a product with a high score.

Rule 4! Update wordpress frequently. Day by day, wordpress developers work to find the best solutions for the platform. Therefore, you should find updates of wordpress, every now and then. Try to update wordpress with its last version.

Rule 5! Use a premium theme. If you don’t like themes on, premium themes can be the best option that you have. They have a cost, but if you want a real business, you can pay 60 $ for a theme.

And, in the last, the greatest advice for security is to keep your passwords safe. Find a password that you can easily remember, but it’s hard for other people to guess. That can make your website safe for a long time.

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