Where to host your Wordpress site?

Where to host your WordPress site?


If you want to build a wordpress website, you should search for a great wordpress hosting. There are free wordpress hosting solutions, there is cheap WordPress hosting and obviously, you can find lots of expensive companies. Not allways a free hosting is a good one, so you should choose carefully.

Where to host your wordpress site?

A popular option is self hosting. Seems to be something natural: you have a computer, your site is not very big and you have your internet connection. What could be possibly go wrong? Whell, there are lots of things that are not ok with self hosting:

•    You are vulnerable when it comes to viruses;
•    You should allways have your laptop opened;
•    You should install expensive programs.

After all, it’s not a cheap hosting, if you take all the advantages and disadvantages. Paid hosting is a better solution. Unfortunately, you should choose between 3 major options: shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is a cheap solution, that fits you if you have a small website, like a blog. If you choose a shared server you will be sharing the resources of it with some other persons.

The advantage is the fact that you will have an easy control panel, you will pay just a few dollars a month and you will have a good support ( if you choose the right company). The disadvantages are the fact that you will share all the resources and you are vulnerable to viruses.

A better option is VPS Hosting. VPS is a Virtual Private server. Practically, you will have a partition of a server just for you. It’s not a cheap wordpress hosting but it’s better. You will have your own memory and a lot of freedom.

Maby the best, but the most expensive hosting solution is a dedicated one. It’s not a cheap one, but it offers you a whole server. It’s suitable for big websites with thousands of visits a day, so it is not whorthing if you have a small website.

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