Why do bow ties become popular?

Why do bow ties become popular?

Bow ties have become very popular as they are considered a tool for self-expression. Each person has different style and this neckwear represents best the personality for every mood and occasion.

The bow tie is not easier to be tied, because tying a bow tie has to be learnt at least once and then the person will remember. The proper technique must be used, so that to master the process. Then it is important to know various types of bow ties and what to wear with them.

We can talk about four types of bow ties, namely the Butterfly, the Classic, the Narrow and the Diamond Tip. The Butterfly is classy and is used for black tie events. The Classic is fancy and subtle. The Narrow is for trend-followers and the Diamond Tip are suitable for every occasion.

If you are a groom or you are at a formal event, choose the Butterfly bow tie.

If you are wearing a suit or a tuxedo, choose the Classic. The trendiest option is the Narrow and the Diamond Tip is a blend of classic and whimsical that can be used anywhere. There are a variety of prints, stripes, novelty and polka dots. If children need bow ties, there are many models for them, too.

There are pre-tied bow ties for men, which look similar to self-tie bow ties. These pre-tied bow ties are attached onto the collar, and the self-tie is another choice of perfection. The bow ties can be worn with anything, for example with jeans and flannel for a casual look and for a classic look with a tuxedo.

We offer you some indications about how to tie a bow tie. Select a bow tie and stand in front of a mirror to look and have control: pull up the collar and lay the bow tie around neck, then cross the longer end over the shorter. Create a half knot. Keep a finger on the half knot to keep tight. Fold the shorter end in half.

Then take the longer end and pull it over the half folded one. Half fold the unfolded part. It is similar to tying the shoes, pull the bow tie through the loop at the back of the bow tie. Pull or push only half way through. Pull tight the both sides of the bow tie. You can put your index fingers through the loops and pull outwards.

Center in between collar and you are ready to have a tied bow tie. So, we presented all these things about the bow ties, how to choose the best models and how to tie a bow tie, you will only have to buy the one you consider it suitable for your clothes and for the occasions.

Try to be a good purchaser and you will become a real gentleman, if you take into account the above mentioned things. The bow ties are fashionable, important and nice and deserve more attention from all men.






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