Who are you marketing to, people or robots?

Who are you marketing to, people or robots?

I know the answer may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many brands overlook this in their digital marketing efforts. In a digital economy, we cannot forget the human side of the customer, says Cheryl Burgess, CEO of Blue Focus Marketing.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. And as traditional media struggles to stay relevant, brands are realizing that the digital movement isn’t just some fad, it’s the future.

I have to point that a very good source of inspiration for this article I wrote for you today was a read of one’s article on, I guess one of the best internet marketing tutorials sites I have ever seen, called Howdodesign.com.

So, how can you embrace digital channels to build a dynamic brand and foster rich customer experiences? Here are three suggestions. Number one, know your audience. In an article I wrote for the AMA, in the quest for brand ubiquity, marketers don’t need to be everywhere at once, only where their audience is.

Think of it this way, if you set up a hot dog cart at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you might get some foot traffic now and then. But, who really wants to buy a hot dog in 100 degree weather anyway? Recently, the auto industry realized that customers were spending less time at dealerships and more time researching cars online.

Specifically, they found that while YouTube powered a huge percentage of customer research, auto makers represented only about five percent of industry related content. Knowing this made the goal simple for leading auto makers.

Share relevant content on YouTube and guide prospects to interactive sites that combine both product features with local listings. It wasn’t rocket science, just smart marketing. Number two, go visual.

The brain actually processes images 60,000 times faster than text. To get your audience’s attention, get visual. After all, you’ve got plenty of options, infographics, 360 panoramas, virtual reality, and augmented reality, memes, and animated gifs.

Of course, let’s not forget those live and prepackaged video, which remain a brand’s most important source of visual contact. Recent data shows that while online video revenue is growing faster than any other form of advertising, only a quarter of brands actually use video to market their products.

Further, according to Cisco, about 75 percent of mobile traffic will be video by 2020. And speaking of mobile traffic, number three. It’s time to embrace mobile. Did you know that roughly two thirds of all digital activity occurs on mobile devices? Further, according to Emarketer, about 20 percent of mobile use takes place on apps, a number that has risen sharpely in recent years.

App use is generally concentrated around five key activities, listening to digital audio, social networking, gaming, watching videos, and messaging. Consider which of these categories might be a good fit for your brand, and then work to design content that is eye catching and relevant, but not intrusive.

Recently, Campbells teamed up with IBM Watson, and The Weather Channel to deliver targeted AI driven ads to mobile weather apps.

Through this mobile platform, Campbells delivers customers interactive soup and food suggestions and pairings that are perfect for any weather. Even more, integrated user generated recipe and food suggestions, create a broader range of suggestions for customers to try. Talk about a recipe for success. As Cheryl Burgess says, “Digital can capture attention and drive engagement, but it must start with knowing your audience.” Remember, be human and forge meaningful connections.

With this as your guiding principle, you’ll quickly establish your brand in the digital bazaar.



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