A Stag Weekend in Budapest: The story

A Stag Weekend in Budapest: The story


Me and Beth will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in July this year and we recently found a stash of photos of our wildest parties. Man, this brought back memories.

Anyway, among them were a couple of dozens from our bachelor and bachelorette parties, so I remembered how me and the lads went for a fantastic stag weekend in Budapest. Best choice ever, if you ask me. Beth went to Prague with the girls, and she also had a brilliant time, and now that I think about it, the credit goes to the company that helped us creating this experiences for both of us and our friends.

Everything began with our indecision about how to spend our stag and hen do, before the big wedding event. So, we thought: hey, let’s turn this into a hag party. The problem was it might have been difficult to satisfy the tastes of everybody, because the boys wanted strippers, the girls also wanted strippers, but male. Sooo…long story short, we came up to choose different locations for two different parties.

We contracted this company we found by googling things about stag and hen do parties and they helped us, at a discount even. Beth chose Prague, because she’s never been there and she simply loves the Czech beer and I chose a stag weekend in Budapest, because it fitted my budget and I heard some crazy stuff about the nightlife there.

And I heard right!

Why Did I Choose a Stag Do in Budapest Through a Company?

Well, honestly, it was the smartest choice.

Think about it:
●    We were both planning a bachelor party in the same period
●    We didn’t want them to be local
●    We had a budget we had to stick to
●    We were searching for something totally new
●    We had 0 experience for this sort of thing

So, contracting professional stag and hen do planners was definitely the best thing to do and when we heard about the discount, a weight lifted from our chests. We really had to stick to a budget, I’m sure you can relate to, and an international adventure wasn’t going to be cheap.

Budapest is perfect for a stag do on a budget, because it offers great quality in all services for very cheap prices. The food is cheap, the booze is almost a rip-off and the girls…well, let’s just say that the single lads from my crew got really lucky.

One even found the love of his life during the stag do in Budapest and married last year with a local. Talking about matches made in heaven!

What Was Like in The Budapest Stag Do?

We played paintball and airsoft during the day. We also practiced with real guns at a professional range. We raced in a go karting tournament outdoors.

We had some bloody good beers to drink from their local batches.

I was arrested!

Well, not really arrested, the lads pranked me and I ended up in handcuffs, only to be rescued by a stripper who revealed my boys’ plan. That was kind of both terrifying and thrilling. We laugh even nowadays every time we see a woman on duty.

We tasted the real Budapest stag do nightlife and that included some heavy drinking, sexy strippers and even a body eating experience. Using a girl as a plate, not in the cannibalistic sense!

We had a grand time and it’s all thanks to Eventhuse, who really helped me and Beth out of a financial crisis right before our wedding and offered us two of our most thrilling adventures of our life.

So, young stag, if you have to choose right now, choose Eventhuse and definitely choose the Budapest stag do.
You won’t regret it!

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