Looking for a New Culinary Passion? Try Paella!

Looking for a New Culinary Passion? Try Paella!

Oftentimes, veteran cooks and home chefs feel as if they reach the pinnacle of their skills in the kitchen. They might think they have nothing new to explore in the world of food preparation, but this is never the case!

Now, as an experienced cook, or maybe you call yourself a culinary genius, you no doubt have eaten paella. Perhaps you were even lucky enough to have eaten some authentic, traditional paella in Spain. You know, the real deal.

If you were able to sample it all over Spain, you most likely realized that not all paellas are created equal. Variety makes the world go around, some people say, and with food, this is no exception. Your version of paella should use past inspiration, mix it with new ideas, and then sprinkle your own personality on it.

Upon returning from Spain, you can remember the best paellas you ate, but what if you take those as inspirational suggestions, then bump it up a notch with your own personal twists? How will you begin to ensure making your best paella, ever? Stove top isn’t going to make the cut anymore! There are a few factors to consider:

Looking for a New Culinary Passion? Try Paella!

Equipment – This is probably the most important factor for success as it is responsible for taking all of your ideas, ingredients and skills then producing the finished product. If you have inferior quality equipment, your chances of preparing a delicious paella will obviously be greatly reduced. Look to acquire the best paella burner you can find (research various paella burners if necessary), as well as a paella pan, along with their necessary accessories.

Ingredients – Stick with fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients. This will not only ensure that you’ll make the your best effort to achieve the best flavors, but also, you will not poison anyone who will be partaking in the meal. Remember: GMO and non-organic vegetables, meat and seafood will be laden with chemicals that are hazardous to health (not to mention also that they do nothing for good flavors).

Knowledge & Skill – Take some notes or if you have a good memory, remember the flavors you would like to have in your paella recipe. Do your homework well when sampling other paellas if you can, then you will know what you will want to bring to your own paella recipe. Learn some cooking techniques specific to making paella and remember to add the most essential ingredient: tender, loving care!

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