All you need to know if you are a Wordpress beginner

All you need to know if you are a WordPress beginner


WordPress is the best platform in the world if you want to start your own business online. It’s an open source platform, known by everyone and updated almost every day with plugins and wordpress themes.

Even so, if you are a wordpress beginner, the platform could be a little bit strange for you. That’s why we will show you some things you need to know.

Don’t  make your sidebar a place with tons of contents

Your readers enter your website with a purpose: to read a good content. If you put tons of advertising and links in your sidebar, the results are not ok. You will loose the trust of your readers and your site will not be able to rank in Google, very well.

Google love simple websites, with relevant content.

Make your images an instrument that works for you

Most of wordpress users don’t take images seriously, because they don’t think that images are important. The reality is hard for them. Images add interest to your site and have a search engine for themselves. You should optimize your images with title, alternate text and attention, because they are a good source of trafic.

Don’t forget the footer

WordPress sites have a footer area that sometimes is forgotten. Here you can add a copyright message, a link to a page or some good informations about your site. Usually, people scroll down and read all the informations they can.

If you sell something, some terms and conditions, a business name or a history of your site coud be the click that make the sale.

Use targeted titles and descriptions

When you write content for your website, try to write for google and for your users also. If you will find some targetet titles and descriptions, your content will be easier to read and easier to rank.

A wordpress site is a challenge and it’s not an easy one. After some time though, you will find the beauty of this platform and you will love it.

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