Why you should consider Wordpress as an option for your website?

Why you should consider WordPress as an option for your website?


There are milions of websites all over the world and many of theme are based on wordpress. Why? WordPress is just an open source platform, that can be downloaded for free. Why a free platform shoud be your first option?

There are many reasons.

First of all, wordpress is an open source. That means that there are thousands of people working for a better platform. Any problem could find an answer and any need should be fulfilled. The fact that is open source make it very functional. The plugins library is a vast one, with over 40 000 plugins, and still counting.

Another important advantage of wordpress is the fact that you can download parallax Wordpress themes. Some of theme are free, some of theme are premium, but even the premium ones are cheap.

Usually, a wordpress theme costs only 50-60 bucks. You can search in thousands of themes and you can find one for your business. There are educational wordpress themes, business wordpress themes or food wordpress themes.

You may think that a free platform coud have some problems with security or with search engines. In the past, there were some security problems. Now, with just some plugins you could get a safe website. The search engine problem never existed. On the contrary: WordPress is SEO friendly and can help you obtain a good ranking.

Lateley, every wordpress theme is responsive and could be mobile friendly. Given the fact that more than 50% of users enter your website from a mobile phoe or a tablet, this is an important aspect.

WordPress is simple. This is another great thing about this platform. Any user can install it and use it in an easy way. If you want something more complicated, you can find it in premium wordpress themes or engaging a developer working for you.

After all, with so many free themes and free plugins and with so many people working for the platform, wordpress is the best way to build a website or a blog and to get some online success.

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