Denver Airport hide the biggest secrets of reptilians

Denver Airport hide the biggest secrets of reptilians

Rockefeller Center is composed of 19 buildings and is located on a famous street in New York. Here you meet everywhere occult or lucifer symbols. It is what is called Art Deco. All these symbols get you thinking about the famous order New World Order. The theme that was proposed to artists was the luciferism. Devil or Lucifer, in translation, light bearer, was banished by God on earth because he began to challenge HIim and enmity His angels .

Lucifer is found in the ancient Egyptian, and Babylonian. Lucifer represents the power of knowledge, reason. He dethrones God and put human in place. In his exile on earth, he was accompanied by those angels who could not stand the demands imposed by God. Lucifer is the rebellious, disobedient, who hated everybody’s obedience, before God.

What does Lucifer has to do with Rockefeller Center? There is an explanation. All paintings, sculptures carry the message that human by his intelligence, defeated God. It is about the triumph of human over God. Let’s remember that Prometheus betrayed Zeus by stealing fire and giving it to people. Atlas was punished by Zeus, for daring to contradict. Experts say that Atlas is a kind of crucified Christ.

Lucifer, thanks to its qualities, was taken by freemasons, becoming a symbol and beyond. Illuminati Elite is trying a identification with Lucifer and all that it means. Denver Airport, USA, is filled with messages and freemasons symbols, apocalyptic, for some of us. Upon entering the airport you’re greeted by an apocalyptic horse with red eyes. Airport viewed from above is shaped like a swastika. Everywhere you see scary paintings. Some people have likened it to a occult place, because of the mysterious symbols that you see everywhere.

Denver Airport is the most expensive in the world, was 4.8 billion dollars. They sustain that underground are secret base of the reptilian aliens. Strange is that the construction companies that began the construction of the airport were changed systematically so that no construction will know the builder plan . Crews were systematically changed so that it is not known what the previous ones have achieved.

Were installed 8,300 kilometers of optical fiber. In a minute can be pumped 4,000 liters of kerosene. Many have asked what these help at, for an average commercial airport. The walls are built of stone, and inside the airport u can travel with huge trucks, which of course, use the hidden purposes. In the  underground is a system of tunnels, which for the moment, the airport authorities say, is not used.

The horse statue at the entrance to the airport is likened to another famous horse in the Bible. It’s about the death horse, who brought hunger, death and disease in wars. Evil eyed horse was a symbol of death. The paintings are inspired from all prophecies about the end of the world. Flames, bio gas, bombs, all of which are represented in paintings from the airport. Others represent the disappearance of the jewish religion. Another painting that is at least strange, is a group of children dressed in their national port, which each have a gun in the hand, wrapped in the national flag and give it to another child, who is in the middle, which is dressed in Bavarian port . Even the american child gives the gun, displaying a broad smile on his face.

In the hallways are statues representing creatures, half man, half animal. Why are these monsters in the lobby of a commercial airport? Another painting represents a nazi emerging triumphant from Apocalypse.

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