The Bucegi miracle Pyramids

The Bucegi miracle Pyramids

Few people, chosen ones, know that there is only one day each year when at the sunset over the Bucegi Sphinx, gentle rays surroundes the strange face carved in stone and coming down to the bottom of the ancient statues, is forming a magica pyramid.

And these few chosen people meet every year on Bucegi Plateau, on the same day and at the same time. They already have  begun to recognize from far, climbing the mountain ridge, from all directions.

The doctor from Hamburg, who comes every year to get the necessary energy for the management of his cabinet in treating dozens of patients every day. Nobody knows the secret of success of over ten operations that no doctor could do in a day!

The lady with the purple hat from Sibiu, brought for the first time in a wheelchair by her grandson, a researcher at the Institute of Pathological Mineralogy  ‘Axente Sever’, and that now comes on her own feet to thank the Pyramid  for her miraculous healing, the Sun for its beneficent fall in stepped pyramid, or maybe the Sphinx,  which nothing would be possible without it.

Of course, some mouths are whispering through valleys that the Mrs. would have another reason, in the fact that only here and in this gentle pyramid light, her hat sends violet rays to all the surrounding peaks, like a secret message to the fir forests and their animals inhabit. However, this message could not be deciphered by anyone, ever.

The family with the two twins from Eastwood, both suffering from psoriatic arthritis, autoimmune disease that affects the ligaments and tendons. The magical effect of the pyramid on the two little ones is undeniable, with COX2 selective anti-inflammatory action, and adalimumab production, a recombinant human monoclonal antibody IgG type with specificity for TNF alpha.

The young man from Detroit with fibromyalgia, illness acquired after a severe depression with anxiety disorders, the pyramid acting on him his  as a selective inhibitor of serotonin (SSRI), tricyclic antidepressant . It is known that doctors have no treatment for this disease, recommending meditation and prayer.

Then, the old man from Bombay touched by the Down syndrome, with flattened facies and short neck, due to an abnormal cell division in the oocyte, or Mister from Kinshasa with toxoplasmosis accompanied by the appearance of cervical-lateral lymphadenopathy, or the suffering lady from Xi’an with HPV human papilloma virus, or the two young men from Ontario touched by alopecia, their heads covered with shawls and modern caps to hide the traces of the relentless disease, and many others, with various diseases and disorders all over the world.

Some return healed and come back just to thank, while others feel relief of the overwhelming and incurable diseases , and return year after year for the spectacular action of the Magical Pyramid in the follow of a normal life, the only one that allows them to enjoy the life given by the Creator and Savior of our humble sinner souls, Him, The One Above, fully everlasting and alive remembrance.

There is only one day of the year, a holy day, when the sun goes down its gentle rays, stepped over Bucegi Sphinx in a magical pyramid. On November 28 of each year, on the Bucegi Plateau, chosen people meet from all over the world.

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