Aliens are among us. The authorities remain silent

Aliens are among us. The authorities remain silent


The question whether aliens are already among us is increasingly often asked. The scientific world consider this option increasingly serious. Frank Drake is an astronomer  than in the early 60 developed a famous formula, which can estimate the potential number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

Drake is considered the first radio – astronomer who tried to listen to the  signals coming from space. He was a pioneer in the ufologist. He wasn’t supported in his approach, moreover, his studies were not considered by the scientific world.

The research for extraterrestrial phenomena began in 1947, when in the US and Australia were many appearances of UFOs. Experts claim that UFOs appear particularly close to the intersection lines of earthly force. Another area in which appearences were common is that of some sites considered sacred.

Is not known if it’s coincidence or not. Authorities and institutions responsible in this regard, continues to lead policy of not explaining what is happening. Much of the personalities who have dealt with extraterrestrial phenomena had a mysterious deaths, in some cases even talking about murder.

In march 2014, a former government adviser named Hood, made a statement that makes us ponder. He has provided a list of big ufologists who died in, at least strange, circumstances . Many have been found hanged, others shot, others had a heart attack at the age of 30. All investigations into these deaths were made in haste, cases being closed.

We present a case that occurred in 1959 in the Ural Mountains of Russia, which has remained a mystery, although many years have passed and teams of specialists were involved to determine the cause of this tragic event. Ten students from the Polytechnic University along with a guide started a hike in the Urals. For health reasons, one of the students could not cope with the walk and went back to town. The tudents were athletes, climbers and very good skiers.

Because the students have not returned to the city, as it was established, another group goes in search of them. Were all found dead.

The bodies had orange colour, the hair was white, although they were under 25 years, and two of the bodies had the tongue cut off. The bodies were found at a distance of one kilometer from where they had set up the camp. What cause these young people to leave the camp in a hurry? There has been many speculations. Maybe they were attacked by an animal, military experience or aliens?

At the site of the tragedy were no traces of a fight. One clue was clear. The camp was abandoned in a hurry, all personal belongings and also food, had been abandoned in the tents. The orange color of the bodies skin is due to a strong radiation to which they were subjected, say some experts. One of the bodies presented a hit in the chest.

Doctors claim that such a hit could not be made by a human. The impact and shot were so high that doctors have concluded that only a superhuman force could do this.

After two months, the case is closed and classified confidential because weren’t discovered evidence to clarify the investigation. For three years, the military has banned the tourists and skiers to get in that area.

The thesis of a military accident did not lead to a result. First, the nearest military base was located at a distance of 600 km, and at the place were not found traces that would’ve been an explosion or another type of chemical accident. The fact that the authorities cover up such cases, see Roswell case, USA, makes us to ask whether aliens are among us.

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