Ten Tips For Better Living As A Diabetic

Ten Tips For Better Living As A Diabetic

There are so many things to consider as a diabetic, it’s hard to keep up with them all! Use the following 10 tips as a good starting point.

  1. Form a diabetic team for your health and wellness. You need specialists advising you and people you can trust to help you make the right decisions. Get a group of trusted medical professionals on your team and work closely with them.
  2. Check your glucose levels as often as necessary. Never assume that your insulin levels are okay just because you’re feeling well. Monitor them diligently, especially after meals and exercise. Once you become more adept at recognizing the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, your doctor may permit you to check less frequently.
  3. Get appropriate levels of exercise. Always with the approval of your team, keep exercise an important part of your diabetes management plan. Regular exercise works with your metabolism and weight management to keep you stronger and healthier, thereby in a better position to keep diabetes in check.
  4. Take all of your medications as prescribed. No matter how you are feeling, it is very important to follow doctor’s orders with your medicine. If ever you think there is a need for adjustment, call him first and explain your rationale. He may or may not allow the changes, or may ask you to come in for an exam.
  5. Understand the risks associated with alcohol consumption. There is no known benefit to drinking alcohol for a diabetic and in many cases it causes complications. Avoid all alcohol, especially wines with a lot of sugar, unless your medical team has given you the go-ahead to drink in moderation.
  6. Quit smoking if you’ve got the habit. Heart disease and high-blood pressure are prevalent in diabetics and smokers. If you are a diabetic who smokes you are doubling the risks! Take whatever measures are necessary to quit smoking as soon as possible.
  7. Keep a food journal. Writing down what you eat will help you understand what foods work best for you. Also, if you are trying to manage your weight, a food journal can be one of the most valuable tools available.
  8. Take good care of your teeth and gums. Diabetics are hit with gum disease much more frequently than those without it and this can lead to other unfavorable things like extraction and dentures. Be particularly careful with your teeth and gums and see a dentist regularly.
  9. Check your feet often for diabetic related problems. Diabetics face a lot more trouble with their feet, too, so be sure and take care of things like ulcers, poor circulation and pain. See a specialist for the best advice and follow it diligently.
  10. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. This is very important to regulating the symptoms and complications of diabetes. You may experience difficulties with sleep, such as insomnia or sleep-apnea. Tell your doctor immediately and get this problem under control.

Follow these tips closely and keep in constant contact with your medical team. You will be able to live a better life as a diabetic if you do.

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