The mysterious Earth. The way to Agartha

The mysterious Earth. The way to Agartha

Amazon Indians are convinced that there is a thousand-year-old civilization inside the Earth.

Makuxi Indians (Macushi people) claim that a hundred years ago they had the privilege of visiting this civilization. Their trip took place in 1907 and lasted 15 days. They were greeted by giant creatures that were about 3-4 meters high. They claim that these creatures are the guardians of the secret entrance that lead to this civilization. After three days of walking down stairs, they found a plateau illuminated by giant lanterns.

After 4-5 days of travel, they noticed that they were losing weight, allowing them to move much faster. After another few days of walking, they reached into a cavity (a chamber) where there were four bright objects, like the sun.

Varieties of fruit were grown within these cavities. There is a large vegetation region, where they ate bananas and mangoes. The Makuxi people claim there are also dangerous regions that should be avoided. According to them, in these areas is a dangerous flux.

Apart from giant fruits, they have also eaten delicious giant fish captured by the giant creatures. The secret entrance to “the inner Earth” is kept secret by the Indians. Otherwise, the giants will retaliate. The same theory is supported by Tibetan lama priests as well as the population of a particular area of Mongolia.

Interestingly, these legends are found in several populations from different corners of the world. Researchers have not remained indifferent to these legends and attempted to provide evidence for and against this hypothesis. Some seismic specialists argue that this assumption is viable, given that seismic waves do not follow a straight path, but a curved one. The seismic waves are surrounding a huge cavity which is within the planet.

The Earth’s crust is 35 kilometers thick. Unfortunately, the drilling did not exceed 15 kilometers depth. A photo captured by a German satellite, in 2015, shows a huge hole in the ice cap that could unravel this mystery.

In the archives of the Third Reich, German researchers have discovered a curious map, showing the entrances to the inner Earth, two entrances at the two poles. One of them is called “The way to Agartha”. Along with the map was also discovered a letter written by Karl Unger, an officer who was aboard the German U-Boat 209 and took a trip to the inner Earth, to Antarctica.

He mentions the coordinates of this entrance. This letter has aroused the interest of several German specialists who want to organize an expedition to Antarctica following these coordinates. Russian scientists announced that they would send a team in Siberia, in order to investigate the giant holes discovered in 2015.

The shape of these holes is unusual. They seem to be tunnels, the walls are very smooth and could not form as a result of a meteorite collision. Apparently, a part of the scientific world is interested in this assumption.

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